Subscriber Retention Management™

SRM : Create life-long relationships with your subscribers

Using our experience with + 250 broadcasters in the Media and Entertainment industry, the Cleeng team ensures that you see the turning points in your subscribers’ journeys. Our SRM stack integrates with every step, from authentication to billing to engagement.

Our SRM specialists are always on hand to help you hit the targets that matter. We focus on the trends that predict success with your subscribers - so you can act fast and grow faster.

Operational APIs and Subscriber Analytics
that work together

Flexible tools that let you act on insights quickly

Cleeng’s APIs and Retention Analytics combine to make your service smarter and stronger

Cleeng’s flexible platform is designed to produce seamless subscription processes. With SRM analytics that focus on detecting and avoiding churn driving events, Cleeng provides new and actionable opportunities for growing your business every day.

Stop losing subscribers for preventable reasons

  • Leaking processes lose you subscribers at every point in the customer lifecycle. Getting them back is hard work. The ChurnIQ analytics engine lets you track down these root causes.
  • Cleeng Core’s customizable processes allow you to eliminate these churn causes at every step - automatically. Meaning no more avoidable churn losses and higher customer lifetime value.
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increase in recurring revenue

Reducing your monthly churn by only 2% will increase your monthly recurring revenue (MRR) by 24% in just one year.

Replace isolated data streams with
unified subscriber analytics

Consolidated and predictive insights designed to beat churn

Millions of subscriber data points in one complete SRM™ dashboard

Your data should tell the whole story, but putting that story together is a daunting task. Breaking down data silos and combining insights from every part of your business is the key to seeing your opportunities - and risks.

The Cleeng SRM™ dashboard gives you end-to-end-subscriber data in one place.

  • A carefully selected analytics set based on the performance of hundreds of OTT services makes it easy for you to see your strengths and weaknesses.
  • And because these analytics are all connected to Cleeng's platform tools, it's easy to act on them too.

The Retention journey

You should see every episode in your subscriber's journeys. Because every touchpoint counts. Cleeng's Retention journey ensures no more partial pictures, and no playing catch-up with the subscriber experience.

Supporting market-leading sports broadcasters such as Setanta Sports Eurasia

"We had a really tight timeline, it was done in two and a half weeks, so it was pretty amazing"
Levan Gvaramia
Chief Product Officer Setanta Sports Eurasia
Setanta Sports Testimonial - Cleeng

See the future. Predictive analytics for the
whole subscriber journey.

Cleeng's deep data lake lets you explore and predict every step of the subscriber journey. Get the trends that show you the future of your business.

Retention analytics for targeted, data-driven campaigns

Subscribers to video services don't just expect great content, they expect a seamless customer experience at every step of the journey. Our retention analytics eliminate the white spots in the subscriber journey that heighten your risk of subscriber losses. Because the better you know your subscribers, the better you can deliver what they want.

  • Fed by real operations, Cleeng's analytics integrate with tools for authentication, billing, payment, video engagement, support and more. Meaning that you can evaluate your service performance every step of the way.
  • With our machine learning models, you can create rich segments based on your real business. So you can build your future instead of waiting for it.
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A platform for performing in any area

Our customers operate across all Media and Entertainment markets. That’s why we built a platform with the flexibility to fit their specific needs.

A broad operating domain means scattered data from many sources. This makes it hard to find reliable insights that you can quickly put to use. Cleeng has worked with large broadcasters in over 100 countries to develop the toolkit needed to face this challenge. Use the Cleeng platform to consolidate all of your data streams. And quickly adapt to local service expectations, whether it's entitlements, payment or support.
Like the premium content you share with your viewers, the OTT sports market can be very dynamic. Whether it's handling surges in late sign-ups for live games or adapting your offering, you need a platform that's tough enough to always deliver. Cleeng has worked with sports broadcasters to create scalable and robust solutions to this challenge. So you can start every season aiming to be the best in your field.
From the moment that you convert a visitor into a newly acquired subscriber, the Retention Journey starts. Understanding your subscriber's journey with your service is the key to making decisions that keep them loyal and happy. Cleeng provides the diagnostics and forecasts that help you decide on your next steps. So you can optimize your business results and retain those hard-won subscribers.
Cleeng offers the tools to power every video use case that modern businesses require. Our platform simplifies the growth of telco subscriptions, by supporting the smooth expansion of new channel offerings. And our live presentation solution makes it easy to showcase new products and innovations. Cleeng powers your digital transformation, allowing you to better monetize the value you bring to your audience.

A Complete Architecture for Subscriber Retention Management

Specialised Payment & Billing, Churn Analytics, and Customer Care solutions