Meet Cleeng
Tackle churn at all the stages of the video subscriber journey!

Cleeng Churn IQ™ comes at a time when:

  • OTT video market is peaking
  • many providers struggle to retain their paying subscribers.


In the US alone, the average churn rate for OTT video services is 19%, meaning one in five households have cancelled an OTT service in the past year (Parks Associates).

Video-only, data-driven, 360˚ take on churn

It's our TURN to solve CHURN. As a turnkey video monetization provider, we collect subscriber data from many points in the video delivery chain. With the new Cleeng Churn IQ™, broadcasters are now fully equipped and can use all that data for an all-out attack at churn. And yes, our approach is kind of special and unique.

Cleeng empowers OTT broadcasters to tackle churn at all the stages of the customer journey, starting from login, to payment, consumption, ending with customer care.

Cleeng Churn IQ™ is all about Prediction & Action

We break down the causes of churn in three main categories:
  • payment
  • engagement
  • satisfaction

Once you detect where subscribers are churning most, there is a full set of tools at your disposal to adapt your strategy and retain those subscribers.

Do you want to learn more about ChurnIQ?

You can also visit us at the Brightcove booth:

South Hall (Upper) - SU2724
Scheduled demos at:
- Monday, April 9: 2 - 4pm
- Tuesday, April 10: 12 - 2pm

or at IBM Cloud Video:

South Hall (Lower) - SL5305
Demos time yet to be confirmed.
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