ChurnIQ 2.0

Predict And Prevent Subscriber Churn

Put data science at the heart of your subscription business. ChurnIQ 2.0 gives you specialized retention analytics and AI-detected subscriber insights.

360º subscriber journey

ChurnIQ uniquely tackles subscription cancellations at every stage of the subscriber journey.

Smart segmentation

ChurnIQ also lets you easily analyse and create different segments. So you can quickly trigger the campaigns most likely to retain and grow that segment’s value.

Consolidate your data

ChurnIQ’s S3 data lake allows you to create a single view of your subscriber, no matter how many different tools you currently use.

Visualize all subscriber data in a single
customer journey.

Meaningful insights with no spreadsheets, no pivot tables, no waiting.

Analyse every touchpoint

See how you are performing at every point in the customer journey with the ChurnIQ analytics dashboard. See the whole picture instead of disconnected data points.

Churn intelligence for subscription businesses

ChurnIQ is a data intelligence engine for growing subscription businesses through retention. See how we built the AWS data lake and analytics platform that makes this possible.

Cleeng insights

Getting a grip on OTT churn

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Predictive models that learn
from your subscribers.

Know who’s churning, know why, and know how to stop it.

Identify your biggest churn drivers

Get practical root cause diagnosis on your subscribers’ cancellations. ChurnIQ identifies customer segments for you based on their behavior, satisfaction levels, and lifecycle stages.

AI powered detection of churn risk and churn causes

ChurnIQ’s deep learning models also generate risk algorithms based on your subscribers’ historical behavior. So you can instantly access a unique risk profile for every single subscriber and customer group you have.

Turn deep insights into effective actions

ChurnIQ bridges the gap between data and decisions
for your entire team

Get the right insights at the right time

By identifying customer groups who show higher churn risk for specific reasons, ChurnIQ allows you to make targeted, timely interventions that reduce churn risk. You can experiment with multiple segmentation strategies, or combine them to develop powerful churn prevention processes.

Connect insights to other tools to automate your strategies

Built a state of the art S3 data lake, ChurnIQ can integrate with hundreds of external CRM tools to trigger workflows and marketing campaigns. Alternatively, you can connect with Cleeng’s operational APIs and create campaigns directly on the Cleeng Core platform.

How ChurnIQ 2.0 is Revolutionizing
Subscriber Retention

Cleeng’s data and user experience specialists explain how to build a data engine that powers long-term subscriber retention

How would ChurnIQ impact your
subscription revenue?

Why optimizing lifetime value beats other growth strategies

For subscription businesses, relatively small improvements in your retention rate have a greater impact on long-term profitability than conversion rates. In fact, a 4% improvement in your acquistion rate still yields lower growth than just a 1% reduction in your churn rate.

A reduction in monthly churn rates from 2% on average, increase your subscription revenue by 24% over a 12-month period. See for yourself what financial results you can expect by reducing churn with our easy to use Churn Forecaster.

Understand, manage, and predict churn from
every angle

Develop effective strategies for tackling churn throughout the entire subscriber journey.

Subscriber segmentation

Easy to manage customer segmentation that simplifies the process of making personalised, effective campaigns.

Lifecycle churn trends

Map your average subscriber lifecyle and segment your customers by lifecycle stage. Identify points where churn risk peaks.

Product engagement models

Automatic access to daily, weekly, and monthly models of subscriber engagement. Monitor product-user fit, and set clear targets for growing engagement levels.

Subscriber growth trends

Track and anticipate your subscriber growth trends. See your seasonal dynamics and get instant feedback on campaign results.

User friendly analytics

Anyone on your team can be a data scientist. Access instant scorecards for KPIs relevant to any area of responsibility.

Scheduled insight sharing

Be more data-driven in team discussions with scheduled sharing of key analytics and dashboards. Customise data sharing to suit your team.

Payment churn prevention

Isolate instances of poor payment performance. Identify localities, methods, or dunning schedules with high failure rates and take action.

Connect your marketing tools

You can connect any marketing tool you like to ChurnIQ. Set up changes in your subscribers’ behavior as triggers for targeted campaigns.

Integrate your data sources

Using our AWS S3 data lake, you can easily connect customer data sources to ChurnIQ. We transform your data and use to provide stronger analytics and predictions.

A Complete Architecture for Subscriber Retention Management

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