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Subscriber Retention Management

D2C Commerce solutions, intelligence powered predictive analytics & advanced APIs to grow your subscribers in the Media & Entertainment industry

Retain your subscribers

See all of your subscriber analytics in one place. Predict and prevent churn. And build retention strategies with ML models trained on billions of historical data points.

Enhance your platform

Only integrate the solutions you need. End-to-end subscriber management. Specialised customer support. Tax and billing management. Or simply harness the ChurnIQ analytics engine.

Grow with smart APIs

Build your ideal platform with an open API infrastructure engineered for scale. Seamlessly integrate identity, entitlement, billing, and analytics functionality.
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Create lifelong subscriber relationships with Cleeng’s open API platform

Cleeng Core
Cleeng Core

Extensive OTT subscriber management with flexible components

Cleeng Core provides Media & Entertainment broadcasters every tool needed to build a world-class D2C subscriber platform.

At every step of the journey, Cleeng Core is engineered to maximize subscriber conversion and retention. And using the built-in ChurnIQ analytics engine, you can always find your next opportunity for growth.

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Churn IQ
Churn IQ

Predict and prevent subscriber churn with 360° analytics

ChurnIQ’s unified subscriber analytics allow you to spot and act on churn risk - at every touchpoint in the customer journey. Regardless of what is causing your subscribers to leave, ChurnIQ will help you find and fix the root-cause.

ChurnIQ’s machine learning model adapts to the unique trends within your subscriber base. Providing you with pre-built segments that reflect the real churn risk in different customer groups.

Strengthen your core service with specialized add-on modules


Payment and Checkout Optimisation

You get the money. We take care of the rest. Cleeng Merchant is a specialised payment module for subscriber billing and tax management. Minimize your cost of ownership, and get automatic tax compliance out of the box.

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Professional Customer Care Staffing

Expert user care that scales with your business. Hi5 provides you with specialized support agents for subscription services. Retain your subscribers for longer with a fast and personal service you can deploy with ease.

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Supporting market-leading sports broadcasters such as Setanta Sports Eurasia

"We had a really tight timeline, it was done in two and a half weeks, so it was pretty amazing"
Levan Gvaramia
Chief Product Officer Setanta Sports Eurasia
Setanta Sports Testimonial - Cleeng
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Transactions per day
Active broadcasters
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Harness the Full Power of the Cleeng Platform with our Developers' API

Easy to integrate
Cleeng supports a number of client libraries for you to work with.
Limitless compatibility
APIs that make it easy to connect with proprietary and/or external vendor systems.

A complete partner program for optimal OTT Subscriber Retention Management

Bring a unique business layer through a partner network.

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